Jimmy’s brand new show contains jokes about all kinds of terrible things. Laughing and Joking (2013) FULL SHOW | Jimmy Carr - Duration: 1:30:26. Terrible things that might have affected you or people you know and love.But they’re just jokes - they are not the terrible things. Welcome back to the little tiny quiz now to get through the lockdown. 1:30:26. Jimmy Carr 7,504,059 views. Some people are taking up knitting and my hobby is making a daily Internet quiz from my home. Some people have been doing jigsaw. a question one was where is the one place that the American flag flies all the time, but he's never raised or lowered and never saluted. Here's our first round of answers. Hello, I'm Jimmy Carr and I've been stock-piling questions for some years now. READ MORE Jimmy Carr weight loss: Incredibly simple trick to lose weight I hope you did well. Hello, I'm Jimmy Carr at still welcome back to the little tiny quiz of the lockdown. Yeah. We're all different first up five general knowledge questions Question one, which is the only animal with four forward-facing knees. Jimmy now hosts 8 out of 10 cats as well as the yearly round-up show The Big Fat Quiz of the Year.