#The more the daddy issues, the more useful the phrase. With Brandon Davis, Colleen Camp, Kadeem Hardison, Christine Lakin. Directed by Andy Fickman. Chris Hughes, an awkward high school student struggling to be popular, suddenly finds himself the unwitting heir and appointed mogul of a vast, multimillion-dollar adult entertainment media empire left to him by the biological parents he never knew. An adopted Ohio high school senior discovers he is the inherited heir to a porn empire. Who’s Your Daddy is an Original series starring Rahul Dev, Harsh Beniwal, Nikhil Bhambri and Divinaa Thackur. Who's Your Daddy, from the start, is a joke made in bad taste. Dropped into a bitter power struggle, his new flock of beautiful co-workers come to his aid. The father's objective is to save the baby from all the dangers in the house, whether it's by closing closets, hiding cleaning products, or deactivating the power outlets. Showing 1 - … This fully-customisable app uses humour and language you won’t need a medical dictionary to decipher, to guide you through the daunting nine months of pregnancy. If you enjoyed this game and want to play similar games make sure to play Genital Jousting or Watch Paint Dry or just go to our wtf games page, or if you want to see all of the games we have view the top games page. Who’s Your Daddy is the iPhone app for first-time dads (and mums). can someone please tell me what age rating it is? Something to tell a hooker in the throes of passion while slapping her ass, or your missus which would either result in increasingly intense fornication or your status changing to single. and i couldnt find what rating it is, so i cant get it. Curious to know about his real mother, Tidda goes to his father Soggy and discovers a shocking truth about his father’s colourful past. Age Rating I really want this game but my dad asked me what age rating is it? Who's Your Daddy? is another one of the many funny games that we offer. It's a multiplayer game where two players play a father and his infant son. Who's Your Daddy Download is a multiplayer game where a child and his dad face one another: the first needs beyond Free PC Games