With Deshawn Devante, Sania Hyatt, Kenna Jackson, Breezy Leigh. Baby Mama Drama is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! If you want the drama to be kept to a minimum, even if the baby’s mama hates you, here are some things to try to keep your relationship strong and your sanity in tact. 18 talking about this.
One of his songs was titled "I Hate My Baby Mama." always startin drama, and ghetto to the bone. PREVIOUS POST NEXT PAGE 1 of 6 and The Chipmunks series. Alvin and Brittany learn parenting is not easy when they have to care for a robot baby for a school assignment. It is so much more. "FOUR kids & THREE women share just ONE baby daddy which makes for a whole LOTTA DRAMA!"

One of the first representations of baby mamas in hip-hop lyrics was by southern rapper Krazy, from Tampa, Florida. A compilation of short stories related to what's called Baby Mama Drama, but it's not just about the mother of the baby. when the mother, who you are not married to, of one or more of your children starts negatively interferring with your life, especially where other women are concerned; consists frequently of open public displays of anger and loud verbal assaults, hand gestures, head-shaking, etc. You know … the mother of the baby or child. Baby Mama Drama is a phrase that has become synonymous with and typically makes us think about the drama caused by some out of control baby mama. The mother of your child(ren), whom you did not marry and with whom you are not currently involved. Baby mother and baby mama had entered wide use in American hip-hop lyrics by the mid-1990s. However, we like to think of it as all of the drama surrounding the situations where the parents and so many others around the children are caught up in arguments and differences of opinion. when a woman gives her babys father pure hell, beggin for money, saying he cant see his kids, calling when she need somethin', wont work, if she does work she think the father should pay for all the kids expenses. Future claims his alleged baby mama's trying to profit off his name and the baby mama drama.